Hospital Branding and Marketing


“I want to be like Virtua,” proclaimed the CEO of Frankford Hospitals. When we met with the head of the longstanding North Philadelphia healthcare system, we all agreed it was time for a change. Their brand name and image were no longer relevant in a time when their audience was moving out to the more progressive suburbs. So they wanted us to rebrand — and reintroduce — them to the world.


The balance we had to maintain was to infuse new life into the hospital brand, while not alienating the core patients and communities that had supported the health system for so long. Seeing that Virtua had done a great job of rebranding on their side of the river, we decided to explore a fresh creative route for the new name — a hospital brand that wasn’t named after a place or a saint.


After a summer of brainstorming and market research, we landed on Aria Health. Like Virtua, it was short and catchy. And it came a lot earlier in the alphabet! With a full-scale launch that included TV and radio spots, billboards on I-95 and bus and rail stops, print advertising, and a new website design, Aria was well on its way to a healthier future, including a recent merger with Jefferson Health.