Consumer Brand Launch Campaign


Everyone knows Coppertone has been a leading skin protection brand for decades, but they finally realized they needed to grow beyond simply covering the dermatology sector. Instead of just being in the skin protection business, they realized they’re actually in the SUN protection business—adding apparel and accessories to their new Coppertone Sport brand.


When Coppertone asked us to quickly created a trade launch campaign for Coppertone Sport Sunglasses, we quickly jumped at the opportunity. And since we had little time to create a big impact, we came up with a bigger-than-life campaign, featuring active outdoorsmen interacting with giant landscapes made from the sunglasses themselves.



The campaign was an immediate hit at trade shows, creating strong visual and conceptual impact for the new Coppertone brand, and stopping people in their tracks. The creative execution was big, simple, and clear. Coppertone was now in the sunglasses business, taking on the likes of Oakley and Ray-Ban, for less than half the price!