Branding and Marketing for New York Luxury Apartments


Global real estate investment and property managers at AEW and Rose Associates posed an interesting challenge to the brand team at MillerVolpe: to rebrand a luxury apartment building they had just renovated in the up-and-coming neighborhood of Hell’s Kitchen in New York City. To start, we were responsible for the brand’s naming, identity, positioning and creative platform.


We wanted the name to be short, kinda hip, and memorable. After vetting a healthy dose of options, we landed on The Helux (pronounced heelix), a combination of the “hel” from Hell’s Kitchen, and “lux,” meaning luxury, with the end result sounding familiar and established. The tagline became “Modern. Luxury. Living.”


Since reopening as The Helux, the luxury rental property on West 43rd has run at full occupancy year to year. Through an ongoing online advertising and digital marketing campaign, inquiries are received through the website or directly by the management office, and potential renters are furnished with beautifully designed information packets, including branded stationery, a brochure, and floor plans.